About Cyber Services

Today, cybersecurity has become a key discussion point in the Boardroom agenda. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), businesses lost more than USD 600 billion to cybercrimes in 2017, thus magnifying the severity of the issue. Cyber-attacks have not only compromised technical assets, but have also resulted in financial loss, lawsuits, and an irrevocable reputational loss.

At AAGulf, we know the ways to combat cyber risks, and have introduced the Cyber Defense Resiliency Service to ensure this. Our service encompasses complete lifecycle, with cybersecurity services as the foundation tower for cybersecurity management and digital security services – our customized services for digital transformation. AAGulf Cyber Defense services are enabled by our integrated platform for Cyber Defense Resiliency that enables security orchestration and automation driven by analytics and machine learning and delivered through our Cyber Defense Resiliency Centres providing follow-the-sun coverage.

Cyber threats pose evolving challenges to business goals and objectives, curbing organizations’ repeated attempts at a counter strategy. Legacy monitoring systems & processes have become obsolete, and we need advanced solutions to detect unknown threats in real-time, and respond in the quickest and most effective ways.