About CPG & Retail

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is witnessing a tumultuous transformation. The changing preferences of consumers, who now demand healthier, convenient and cost-effective products, are driving new business opportunities. There is also an increased focus on operational efficiency, calling for streamlined business processes backed by emerging technologies.

CPG companies are placing a greater emphasis on direct customer engagement, by leveraging the reach and convenience of digital touch points. Marketing spends are being reallocated, with the focus now on launching targeted promotions over a wide range of channels. The changing dynamics make it imperative for CPG firms to stay flexible and highly responsive, calling for efficient operations, at lower costs.

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The traditional brick-and-mortar retail business model is being seriously challenged, as consumers increasingly use smartphone applications and other digital channels for purchases and product comparisons. Physical and digital channels are blurring, and today’s discerning consumer wants a seamless buying experience across every retail touch point.

Retail enterprises are looking to provide their demanding customers a consistent ‘omni-channel’ shopping experience. They are increasingly engaging with buyers directly, over new-age platforms. Advanced analytics on data sourced from social media, mobile and other channels are enabling enterprises to better understand the pulse of their customers. Digital technologies have made it easier to roll out personalized consumer interactions and promotions.

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